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The Gandhi Collection

ItiMa – The Itinerant Museum of Art is honored to have received an important collection of statues of Mahatma Gandhi from the Indian Sculptur Ram Sutar. Our objective with this collection, and other Gandhi inspired works we are acquiring, is to bring Gandhi’s message and teachings through Gandhi inspired art to all corners of the planet. We are presently organizing Gandhi exhibits at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium; in Strasbourg, France, home of the Council of Europe, and also in Davos, Switzerland, home of the World Economic Forum.

After obtaining the top medal at the J. J. School of Art in Mumbai Ram Sutar started making statues of the Mahatma more than half a century ago. His monumental bronze statues of Gandhi have been placed in more than 50 different countries and in major capitals around the world. The most important Gandhi monuments at the Indian Parliament in New Delhi were also created by Ram Sutar.

In the last years Ram Sutar has worked together with his son Anil, who is both a sculptur and an architect, to continue materializing in sculptural monuments their love, admiration and respect for the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.




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