Our mission is to bring inspiration through art to the daily life of
people of all ages, all social and cultural backgrounds.
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Our Mission

Mission Statement
ItiMa, The Itinerant Museum of Art, is a museum for the 21st century. Our mission is to bring inspiration and the arts into the daily lives of people from every walk of life.

By bringing the arts out of traditional museums, concert halls and other conventional spaces and into work places, transport hubs, educational centers and streets, we aim to revolutionize access to art and, as a result, inspire creativity amongst people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

For nearly a decade Fernando Morales-de la Cruz, Founder of ItiMa, traveled around the world to meet Legendary Creators™ discussing with them the essence of creativity and the source of their inspiration.

Fernando was trying to learn why they took on tasks that seemed impossible to others and why it was that so many of them seemed to have in common the amazing curiosity of a child, even if they were way into their adult life.

The first Creative Task Force behind ItiMa, professors of art and design and dozens of their students, gathered in 2006 in three floors of a high-rise in Cologne, Germany to develop concepts and ideas under the leadership of ItiMa's founder, Fernando Morales- de la Cruz. Whilst still in this incubation stage, ItiMa gained its first high-profile visitor and supporter: First Lady of the United Nations, Nane Annan.

Annan, a top diplomat, lawyer and artist in her own right, requested to visit to learn first-hand about ItiMa's unique concept and strategy. She stated that "[ItiMa] is a great idea for the children of the world," and reiterated that ItiMa was an ideal global platform for dialogue between Legendary Creators™ and children.

The team of ItiMa and the Creative Task Force will always be greatful to Nane Annan for encouraging us to take our initiative to all corners of the planet.

ItiMa, The Itinerant Museum of Art, is seeking sponsors and partners who share our mission to bring inspiration through the arts to people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, wherever they live on the planet.

If your share our mission and want to become a partner or a sponsor please contact: development(at)ItiMa.org.

If you want to join ItiMa, or participate in our mission, please go to the respective link on our website.

A Wonderful Idea for the Children of the World

nane annan

Source: Kölner Stadt Anzeiger July 12 2006
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