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pop artstrasse: Gender Equality? Reverse Reality

To support the urgent advancement towards Gender Equality, Fernando Morales-de la Cruz, Founder of ItiMa, The Itinerant Museum of Art, created together with Cornelia Vinzens, pop artstrasse: Gender Equality? Reverse Reality. In today‘s top corporate world a tiny minority of top executives are women. In politics top representation by women is still a small minority. We can not relegate half of the world's population, or anyone, as if they were second class citizens.

Gender Equality? Reverse Reality is an art concept influenced by the pop art of Andy Warhol. The spirit of this art exhibit is to communicate a sense of urgency to all decision makers, the global media and the general public, towards the respect of the human rights of women to have equal opportunities to lead, work as high executives, have equal pay and opportunity, be represented and also to be elected to high public office.

Global, regional and national versions of pop artstrasse: Gender Equality? Reverse Reality will be presented soon at transportation hubs and also as artfacades at key public buildings in major cities around the world.

If you want to support this art initiative for gender equality you can acquire high quality prints, posters and other collectibles of pop artstrasse: Gender Equality? Reverse Reality to display it in your office or home. Please join our facebook pages in several languages.


ItiMa pop artstrasse: Gender Equality? Reverse Reality


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Gender Equality? Reverse Reality Davos was mentioned in more than 500 publications in January 2013:
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